Apple iPad

Everyone else is talking about it, so I might as well do the same!

I am interested in the iPad as a marketer – it has to be said that Apple have been very successful in creating products which have broad market appeal, and are certainly profitable with the announced 50% increase in profits for the organsiation. I also love technology products but am struggling to see the market for the iPad – I understand what Steve Jobs has said it can do, but it seems to be such a half way device between other things I wonder how well it wil fare in the market.

Certainly, rading various forums about it (and there are plenty of people commenting) the overall view I am getting is that less people say they get it and want one than don’t. I am interested to see how it pans out, and following other Apple launches of products which could be claimed to be lacking in required features (iPhone camera capability and lack of MMS facility at launch spring to mind) but but have gone on to great success I wouldn’t say my personal verdict will be accurate.

One thing which is certain, however, is that Steve Jobs has created tremendous awareness for his organisations latest product, and most of it without paying for the media exposure.

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