Who is most important – car park priority

When visiting offices with car parks there is often an indication of the importance of visitors (very often customer) by where reserved spaces are for them. Nearly everywhere I have been recently has had the visitor spaces nearest the door, indicating that the organisation sees visitors as important and wants to make it easy for them. Some have no priority, giving all staff the same level of importance as visitors, this is ok because it shows staff are important to the organisation.

Of course, in some organisations the directors think they are he most important and reserve themselves the spaces closest to the door – I don’t think that is ideal as a message to either visitors or employees. However, the priorities I noticed in a car park this morning are even worse. I had to visit my local doctors surgery, fortunately something I very rarely do, and noticed that not only do the doctors think themselves more important  than their patients (their customers) and other staff but actually above disabled people. The doctors have the spaces closest to the door, even closer than the disabled spaces and those for other staff. Able bodied patients have the furthest to walk. I do find the positioning of the disabled spaces in relation to the doctors ones quite concerning, but at least I know how important I’m not to them!

Or am I just being over-sensitive? Let me know what you think.
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