International Emerging Themes

I am off to Kiev tomorrow to teach the Emerging Themes unit from the new CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma syllabus at the International Institute of Business. I am hoping for a really interesting weekend with lots of discussions with students about the emerging issues which are affecting them – it will be interesting to compare them with those which come out in discussions with SPA Professional Academy students in a couple of weeks when we start our own CIM Postgraduate course with this unit.

This is my fifth year of teaching in Kiev – it is certainly noticeable how the promotional activity has changed there even in that time, and the way my students have changed along with that. I may not see things in the same way as the locals who are on the course but it will be interesting to see what the main areas they consider are. That will depend upon the sectors they work in and I haven’t got information on this yet.

I’ll report back on my return.

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