What value in a free pen?

TPC670101Had an unusual thing happen this week in relation to free pens and how they can be valued. In the office building where I work there is a sign-in sheet in reception – but very rarely a receptionist. A week or so ago the cheap pen which had been there for ages disappeared so I put a pen I received from a promotional gifts company (promoting themselves) with the sheet earlier this week, expecting that it probably wouldn’t be there for very long. Yesterday, when leaving the office, sure enough it had gone. What did surprise me though was that it had been replaced by another basic pen – so someone decided that the give away pen was something they wanted, placing a value on it higher than the pen they had, whilst recognising that a pen there was useful!


Just shows how much people value a free pen. And if the suppliers of the pen which has gone – U Name It Promotions – or any other promotion company want to send me some more I’ll keep feeding the reception area!

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