Audi slogan

Those who know me (or regularly read this blog) will know that I am a petrolhead – this is from both the car perspective and the business perspective of the car industry. This blog explores a bit of both.

In the UK Audi have largely stuck with the Vorsprung Durch Technik slogan for many years, the slogan being very much associated with them. This weekend I am in Le Mans for the 24 hour motor race which Audi have won 11 times in the last 14 years. All around the circuit this year they are using this slogan on all their promotion at the race:
Le Mans. The home of quattro. I find this strange, Audi introduced quattro in the early 1980s as four wheel drive versions of their cars and used it very effectively in rallying, a very different form of motorsport to the Le Mans race. 2013 is only the second year that Audi have used four wheel drive at Le Mans so I am not sure that makes it “The home of quattro”. To me, the forests used for rallying are the home of quattro.

One of the people I am at Le Mans with, on seeing the poster, said that it was just down to marketers and complete rubbish (he didn’t know that I am a marketer). The problem I have is that I think he is probably right so what are Audi doing? I would love to hear from them to understand.

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