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Another motoring related blog – apologies for that but this is about the business model rather than the car!

Whilst there are many reasons to choose an electric car a major concern buyers have had about them is the lack of range and then finding a charging point, plus the time taken to recharge the battery when that happens. It seems that electric only car manufacturer Tesla Motors have found a solution for this – their battery swap scheme which allows a full recharge to be completed within 90 seconds. This makes it quicker than filling a car with petrol or diesel.

Once there is a full network of locations for this it should overcome the ‘range anxiety’ people have in relation to electric cars and is a great example of taking one element of a new business and helping to ensure it is successful through providing the additional support facilities required. Apple did this with the iPod, making downloads acceptable to both the music industry and customers.

Maybe this will work – next thing for Tesla, how about ensuring the electricity used is generated in non-polluting ways!

Watch how the battery swap works here – Battery Swap | Tesla Motors:

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