Pricing for convenience

I visited my local Co-Op yesterday evening and was struck by the pricing being used here. I noticed it because I hadn’t seen the 1/5 litre oat drink before so it caught my eye. But then I saw the prices and it made me wonder how much convenience is worth . Buying the small carton could be seen by some as better environmentally because if they only use a small amount there is less waste for a product with a short life once opened. Or sometimes for a range of reasons carrying a smaller container can have benefits. But if the choice is there between these two and the price is identical it is surely hard to justify buying the smaller carton.

One price fits all

I have seen similar with bottled water where 2 litres can cost the same as a half litre, and a 1 litre bottle more expensive than either. That definitely works to the convenience level of a bottle of water to drink there and then. But I’m not sure how much that applies to oat milk. What does anyone think?

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