New logo – the story

The logo and font style for SPA Professional Academy has remained the same for quite some years so I felt it was probably time for a refresh, but that led to the problem many marketers have of what to adopt. Fortunately, whilst considering the change something turned up that made the decision really easy in terms of the font. My Mum sadly died last October and whilst looking through things in her house shortly after I found what I presume are receipt sheets from the grocery shop that my Grandad ran in the 1930s and 40s:

I saw the font used for my Grandad’s name and decided that had to be the one to use for SPA Professional Academy, I am sure he would be very pleased and I really like it. Scanning the font enabled me to find out what it is and recreate it:

So that sorted the font, all that was left was the colour – I had already decided what I wanted and fortunately I think it really suits the font and the logo I have used since starting SPA over 18 years ago. The colour is British Racing Green – anyone who knows me and my passion for motor sport will understand why I chose this! So the new logo is:

Hope you like it!

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