Is going back a good strategy for the future?

xkss-front-34-xlarge_transr5wqtw_uw1_ljz0ctudifmlgmzvd1egijse6u3jze-qJaguar are using their heritage to produce a “new” car – a continuation of a model made 60 years ago. But for a forward looking organisation does this give the right impression? There are strong arguments for why Jaguar should do this but having changed their positioning and image over recent years to produce a range of cars targeted at buyers younger than used to be the case some might see this as Jaguar being stuck in the past.

On the positive side, what it does do is demonstrate the capability of Jaguar to maintain their older cars, looking after customers however long they have owned their cars.

Whether good or not for the image, I know I would love to be able to buy one of these continuation cars.

Details are available here –

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