Power of Marketing – CIM Northern Conference – 1

The Constantly Connected Consumer – Alex Blaikley, Google

Alex demonstrated how important mobile now is for marketers, some key stats:
– 18 – 24 years olds check their phones on average 53 times per day
– 35% of smartphone users check their phones within 5 minutes of waking every day
– 40% of online transactions are from mobile devices

During the purchase decision process smartphones are playing an increasingly important role, the percentage use at each stage is:
– early inspiration – 46% comes from information retrieved on the smartphone
– 32% of compared choices are conducted on the mobile
– when advice is sought 28% comes via mobile
– 24% of the preparation for final purchase is done by mobile
If those stats don’t convince people of the importance of a mobile strategy in not sure what will!

IMG_20150624_095302It isn’t all good news though, when it comes to online advertising people don’t really like to see it, 50% of people not liking sponsored content but accepting it is required, the trouble is that means there are 50% who do it accept it, many of whom probably use ad blockers. Additionally, in the UK 33% of people feel deceived having read content and then discovering that it was sponsored content.

Video on mobile is increasingly being consumed, largely aided by faster networks through 4G, stats are that:
– 25% of people now watch video daily on mobiles
– 27% watch weekly
– 16% watch monthly
– 5% less than monthly
– there are still 21% who never watch it however.
And just for information, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, who has time to watch it all!

wpid-wp-1435142084140.jpgA final quote from Alex was sourced from John Cleese (quite amusing to quote him at a marketing conference knowing his attitude to marketers)
“Creativity is not a talent but it is a way of working”





For anyone studying for the digital marketing elective modules at both Certificate and Diploma in Professional Marketing levels this contained lots of great information.

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