Measuring Marketing – Jeremy Clarkson is wrong!

Marketing MetricsOK, many people may think that Clarkson is often wrong (doesn’t anyone really opinionated have this reputation though?) but in his piece in the Driving section of The Sunday Times yesterday he certainly was when saying that there is no way of knowing if marketing (he was talking primarily about promotion) is measurable or not. The article is available here although without a subscription the full version is not readable.

Marketing is always measurable, although some areas are difficult to provide definitive results, there isn’t an activity for which measures can’t be taken to see the effect of the inputs. And more importantly, as marketers we really do need to measure their activity – it is how we prove we are worth employing.

If you want to really understand how to prove that your marketing works the Mastering Metrics module from the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing is a great start point – details here

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