Are you really talking to your customers?

Whether we are in a marketing, sales or customer service role (along with many others) clear communication with customers is essential.

One thing I have regularly said in general and during training courses we run for sales and customer service is that scripts aren’t ideal because they restrict people from communicating in a way that isn’t natural to them – a list of areas to cover is the most that should be provided, enabling people to use their own language to cover the required points.

However, an email I received this week reminded me of a really important point – whilst using our own language is important we also need to think about the language the customer we are communicating with will use themselves.

Email received

I’ve copied the content of the email in this image – I am intrigued as to what a wearable magazine is, but am not given any more information. But I’m not interested in hitting anyone or being hooked up – neither of those sound pleasant to me! OK, I’m being a bit facetious there as I think I know what the writer means, but I don’t think he really has any idea about my style!

So an addition to my advice – use your own language in a way the customer will appreciate and understand

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