Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme


About This Course

The CIM Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme focuses on the skills and competencies required to fully develop the marketing professional into an advocate for leading change within a dynamic organisation.

This qualification focuses on providing the many skills needed to lead the marketing function – including elements ranging from recognising and developing strategies to overcome and take advantages of challenges faced, implementing the changes needed in organisations to enable long terms, sustainable success. Successful completion of the CIM Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme will establish the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to perform at a senior management level and to carry out an essential and successful professional marketing role within the workplace.

Aimed at those marketers working in a senior managerial role within an organisation concerned with leading the way business responds to contemporary challenges and are keen to drive and effect real change.

What you will learn

  • How to analyse the changing dynamics of an organisation’s environment and identify both external and internal influences that are likely to become future drivers (e.g. changing cost structures, new markets, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, Big Data etc.)
  • Critical assessment of the contribution of the challenges to the value creation of your organisation, apply strategic thinking and match it with organisational resources to support and deliver on business goals in a customer oriented organisation
  • The ability to create, lead and implement a culture of change in your organisation
  • How to shape an effective and saleable consultancy proposition and develop your personal brand
  • The creation of a sound and successful growth plan for yourself and your business

How It Works

The Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme qualification is awarded with successful completion of three modules:

  • Contemporary Challenges (mandatory)
  • Leading Change (mandatory)
  • Consultancy (elective)
  • Managing Business Growth (elective)

Each module is an individual Level 7 Award

Modules are assessed through organisation based assignment designed to allow the candidate to address a specific real-life business issue

Course Details


Online learning, live stream, Leeds, Sheffield, Crewe


Typically 18 months - contact us for more details



Suitable For

  • Experienced marketers working at a strategic marketing or management level and aspiring to make the step up into the boardroom
  • Senior marketers wanting to develop their strategic skills to raise their industry profile
  • Owners of small and medium size companies keen to grow their business
  • Consultants looking for professional recognition and status whether working in large organisations or as independent business owners

Further Information About Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme

There are many benefits to this qualification, including:

  • Get a unique and practical career development experience
  • Improve your global competitive advantage and increase your employability
  • Expand your confidence, skills and competencies to influence at senior management level
  • Accelerate business growth and performance of your organisation
  • Advance your leadership abilities and improve your decision making
  • Invaluable opportunity to network with marketers at senior level
  • Credits towards a Masters or MBA

Designatory Letters – Once you’ve successfully completed the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme, you’ll be able to use the designation ‘DipM’ after your name.

Chartered Marketer status – If you commence the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme at either MCIM or FCIM grade of membership, you can use your studies towards the CPD requirements of achieving Chartered Marketer status. Upon successful completion of the qualification and two consecutive years of CPD, you will achieve Chartered Marketer status.

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