Strategy and Planning (Mandatory)

About This Module

The Strategy and Planning module will enable you to combine online and offline strategic approaches to marketing planning. Strategic planning is an essential skill for marketing managers, empowering them to make informed decisions whilst optimising resources and driving an organisation towards goals in competitive and dynamic markets.

The module will enable you to understand the priorities, purpose and direction of the organisation and the impact they have on marketing strategy. Through understanding how insights drawn from marketing audits inform a marketing plan a strategic marketing plan will be developed to deliver the objectives of the organisation. The range of tactical activities required to support the strategic plan to deliver the marketing objectives can be aligned through understanding of relevant frameworks.

A strategic plan is only as good as its implementation so the module covers development of implementation plans and techniques for critically evaluating the results of measurements applied in order to recommend continuous improvements.

Strategy and Planning (Mandatory)

Further Information About Strategy and Planning (Mandatory)

Strategy and Planning is a mandatory module within the CIM Diploma in Professional and Digital Marketing.

This 20 credit module comprises six learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the organisation’s priorities, purpose, direction and their impact on marketing strategy
  2. Understand how insights drawn from marketing audits inform the marketing plan
  3. Develop a strategic marketing plan to deliver an organisation’s objectives
  4. Understand how to align supporting plans to the marketing plan in delivering marketing objectives
  5. Develop an implementation plan to achieve objectives
  6. Critically evaluate the results of measurements applied in plans to recommend continuous improvements

Assessment: Assignment

There is a two part assessment for Strategy and Planning:

  1. Pre-prepared strategic marketing plan
  2. Online short and extended Answer Response test, 120 minutes

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