Societal Impact (Elective)

About This Module

The Societal Impact CIM Level 6 Diploma Elective module equips the marketer to explore the key concepts of sustainability to gain understanding of changes needed in the organisation to achieve it, understanding how to align marketing and the organisation overall to facilitate long term change.

Through consideration of the role of marketing in engaging with stakeholders and partners (internal and external) this module explores methods for driving awareness and motivating actions for change.

In addition, understanding of how to build effective partnerships which allow organisations to respond to the social and environmental challenges being facedĀ  is explored.

Societal Impact (Elective)

Further Information About Societal Impact (Elective)

Societal Impact is an elective module from Group 1, for the Diploma or Extended Diploma qualification either this module or Commercial Intelligence must be selected

This 10 credit elective module comprises three learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the changing societal and environmental landscape and its wider concepts, and what that means for business and society
  2. Understand how marketing can align and support the business, societal and environmental agendas
  3. Understand the process of long-term planning to implement societal change and measure results

Assessment: Online Multiple Choice Test

The assessment for Societal Impact is a 50 question, 90 minute onscreen multiple choice test

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