SEO and Paid Search Management

About This Module

With many customer journeys beginning with a search engine, adopting a successful search engine marketing strategy has become critical to increase brand reach and visibility.

This Specialist Award will delivers the knowledge and skills to create an effective search strategy for both organic and paid channels.

You will be able to apply research techniques to understand customer search behaviour and utilise it to optimise paid campaigns and websites to maximise search engine visibility – all within around 6 weeks making this bite-sized assessed learning readily attainable around busy lives.

Further Information About SEO and Paid Search Management

This Specialist Award develops knowledge and skills to enable a strategic approach to organic and paid search channels. It covers three key areas:

  1. developing the skills to apply research methods required for organic and paid search, including keyword research
  2. develops knowledge about how paid search activities can be managed
  3. how a website can be successfully optimised for organic search.


The SEO and Paid Search Management Specialist Award is assessed through a multiple choice test

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