Responsible Marketing (Elective)

About This Module

The Responsible Marketing CIM Level 4 Certificate module recognises that responsible marketing is increasingly important as societal and environmental challenges grow.

The module acknowledges the growing scrutiny on the behaviour of brands and their impact on consumer choices based on factors such as diversity, inclusivity and sustainability.

As marketing faces a growing need to understand and deliver socially responsible practices with transparent and honest actions learners understand how to reflect this through messaging, channels and tactics used for marketing.

Responsible Marketing (Elective)

Further Information About Responsible Marketing (Elective)

Responsible Marketing is an elective module from Group 1, for the Certificate or Extended Certificate qualification either this module or Planning Integrated Campaigns must be selected

This 10 credit elective module comprises three learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the impact of the marketing environment on an organisation’s ethical, responsible, and sustainable decision making
  2. Understand the role marketing plays in supporting and organisation’s ethical, social and sustainable agendas
  3. Understand how the marketing mix can be adapted to meet both societal and commercial objectives

Assessment: Online Multiple Choice Test

The assessment for Responsible Marketing is a 50 question, 90 minute onscreen multiple choice test

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