Resource Management (Elective)

About This Module

The Resource Management module enables you to adopt a strategic approach to the implementation of marketing plans to meet marketing and business objectives, understanding and managing the resources required to do this. You will be able to deploy a full range of resources to optimise marketing results in an efficient and effective manner.

Through the learning, you will gain the knowledge and skills to manage finances, which are essential in ensuring a return on the marketing investment, made within your organisation.

Resource Management (Elective)

Further Information About Resource Management (Elective)

Module structure

The module comprises three units of two learning outcomes each. Each learning outcome will be covered by the related assessment criteria and will be assessed by way of assignment.  By the end of this module you should be able to:

Managing People 

  • Develop and manage the marketing team (20%)
  • Know how to improve marketing performance through people (20%)

Marketing Resources 

  • Assess the effectiveness of the current resource mix (15%)
  • Develop plans to improve marketing performance through an optimised resource mix (15%)

Marketing Financials 

  • Apply appropriate techniques to manage the marketing budget (15%)
  • Define ways of monitoring, evaluating and reporting the financial performance of marketing (15%)

Assessment: Assignment

  • The assessment will require submission of an assignment based on a theme and an organisation of choice.

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