MarTech (Elective)

About This Module

The MarTech CIM Level 4 Certificate module focuses on marketing technology – MarTech – to facilitate and execute marketing activities, providing knowledge on the importance and application of MarTech, including AI, within organisations.

The module provides learners with the skills to apply MarTech across the customer journey to support paid campaigns and social media activities to nurture long term relationships.

Candidates also gain the skills to successfully analyse web analytics and make suitable recommendations for the future.

MarTech (Elective)

Further Information About MarTech (Elective)

MarTech is an elective module from Group 2, for the Certificate or Extended Certificate qualification this module, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, or Social Media Marketing must be selected

This 10 credit elective module comprises three learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the significance of Martech for an organisation
  2. Recognise applications of MarTech across the customer journey
  3. Understand customer insights delivered by web analytics platforms

Assessment: Online Multiple Choice Test

The assessment for MarTech is a 50 question, 90 minute onscreen multiple choice test

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