Brand Proposition (Elective)

About This Module

The Brand Proposition CIM Level 6 Elective module enables marketers to help organisations create distinctive, sustainable and differentiated positions with complex and competitive environments.

This module provides the learner with the ability to develop propositions, manage brands through equity and purpose, relating them to customers, wider stakeholders and society generally.

The increasingly important elements of transparency and authenticity (especially in a digital world) are covered along with the importance of brand innovation and reputation management.

Brand Proposition (Elective)

Further Information About Brand Proposition (Elective)

Brand Proposition is an elective module from Group 2, for the Diploma or Extended Diploma qualification this module, or Customer Journey Optimisation, or Content Strategy must be selected

This 10 credit elective module comprises three learning outcomes:

  1. Understand how to develop propositions that differentiate the organisation
  2. Understand how the brand supports the proposition
  3. Determine the factors that drive brand identity and strategy for success

Assessment: Online Multiple Choice Test

The assessment for Brand Proposityion is a 50 question, 90 minute onscreen multiple choice test

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