Diploma in Professional Marketing – Driving Innovation module

Fast-moving environments can present significant challenges and opportunities to the marketer and the organisation. This module from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Professional Marketing provides the knowledge to be able to take a visionary approach and embed innovation through the lens of entrepreneurial marketing.

Aims of the module

This module outlines the importance of how taking a visionary approach and embedding innovation, can help organisations deal with the challenges of a fast-moving marketplace. It focuses on how an understanding of the relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship can enable organisations to deliver compelling marketing solutions. It presents the key factors in building and nurturing innovation throughout the organisation and within the marketing function. It provides an appreciation of the role of internal marketing in supporting a culture of innovation and in implementing change programmes.

Module structure

The content of this module covers:

  • Relationship between marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial responses to change
  • Key innovation factors
  • Principles of innovation for marketing
  • Role of internal marketing
  • Marketing-led organisational change

Assessment: Work-based assignment

A 16 page assignment of three tasks, based on a given scenario and an organisation of choice.

DPM - Driving Innovation overview