Certificate in Professional Marketing – Digital Marketing module

Marketers need to be able to identify, integrate and monitor digital tactics to enhance marketing activities, essential skills provided by this module from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate in Professional Marketing.

Aims of the module

This module is about appreciating the importance of the ever-evolving digital landscape and understanding how to develop skills to improve digital marketing effectiveness. It provides awareness of the nature of the challenges and opportunities within the digital environment and outlines the skills and tools required to support and enhance marketing activities. It identifies the importance of effective monitoring and measurement techniques that enable organisations to improve digital marketing performance.

Module structure

The module content consists of:

  • The disruptive digital environment
  • Impact and influence of the dynamic digital environment
  • Digital tools to enhance marketing
  • Digital platforms and channels in context
  • Digital activities for multichannel marketing

Monitoring and measuring digital marketing effectiveness

Assessment: Portfolio

A work-based portfolio which is broken down into three tasks: research, plan and report.

CIM CPM - Digital Marketing module